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Canat; on 1850 started retail sales in dried fruit sector, on 1981 started its production and today it takes place among earliest and experienced companies of our country. The company serving lots of territories of Turkey with its product quality, value on consumers, presale and after sales services, is supplying its products to many countries abroad.

CANAT, while answering to needs of consumers, taking its supplied products from most competitive processing phases. Following closely world innovations for purpose of keeping customers satisfaction in highest level, and continuously keeping its studies in quality laboratory, Canat with its production policy, has proven that it is not only the company of today, but the company of the future as well.

CANAT, that become a brand in the sector with its history more than 100 years, taken customer satisfaction as one of must principles, performing its production in conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) standards, adopting ecological approach, continuously following sectorial and technological innovations and innovating itself is happy of serving you.